Introducing AUR DIRECT

AUR DIRECT enables retailers to place electronic orders to any approved Chargeback / Chargeback Plus suppliers from their back office system or via simple RF unit scan. Operated by Australian United Retailers Ltd, AUR DIRECT is a portal to access an ever growing number of direct suppliers to facilitate direct to store collaborations on behalf of retailers, to improve supply chain efficiency and remove the burden of increasing complexity from the network.
Discover why so many Australian suppliers are choosing to join AUR DIRECT


  • Range Selection
  • Pricing Control
  • Hosting in store

Demand Generation

  • Promotional Program
  • Multi-buy Offers
  • Cataloques & Signage

Order Management

  • Back Office Ordering
  • Full EDI capability
  • Shipping & fullfilment

Financial Services

  • Collection Services
  • Security & Risk
  • Reconciliations

AUR DIRECT is a full suite of services for retailers and suppliers to transact with improved data accuracy, and assist automate everyday tasks.

A fully-integrated digital trading platform connecting retailers with suppliers

AUR DIRECT allows retailers to place electronic orders to any approved Chargeback / Chargeback Plus supplier from their back office systems or via simple RF unit scan.

AUR DIRECT allows suppliers to showcase their product range to all Chargeback / Chargeback Plus retailers, and to receive orders and raise invoices online or via EDI directly to and from their systems.

Improving the reach, transparency, accuracy & efficiency of ChargeBack/ Chargeback Plus.

Expert category managers

Our expert category managers can help you identify opportunities within our network including ranging into store, developing a promotional program and hosting your product catalogue onto back office systems. Research shows hosted products are ordered more frequently than non-hosted.

Connected Technology

Our skilled technology team can help you connect your ERP (SAP®, Dynamics®, MYOB®, Xero® and more) to our systems using EDI to significantly improve re-order frequency and order accuracy. AUR DIRECT supports a comprehensive order to cash (OTC) cycle encompassing many time saving digital technologies including fully integrated EDI (edifact/eancom) and an online web portal to facilitate ordering, payments and product maintenance.

Integrated Finance Solutions

Let our dedicated finance team assist you with automated collection services, risk management and security. Receive on time payments and easy reconciliations so you can focus on your core business and not the overheads.

Get more orders today from an efficient sales channel

Research has shown retailers are more likely to repeat order when the products are fully integrated with their front & back office management systems.

We work for the benefit of our stakeholders.
It's win-win for everyone.


The amount of retail sales you're missing out on.


The number of products hosted in stores every year.


Are carried away by satisfied and repeat shoppers every year.


Expand your reach through our local network of stores trusted by Australians everywhere.

Hosting means your products are ready to buy and sell in all our stores.

Our retail store network is ready and waiting for you.