Chargeback Plus is an end-to-end solution for FoodWorks retailers to drive business efficiencies when transacting with Direct Suppliers. A key component of this program is an AUTOMATED system on behalf of FoodWorks retailers to suppliers on a secure platform that includes:

• Supplier generated invoice to store and collected via direct debit.

• AUR send discount/rebate at time of invoice.

AUR DIRECT eCommerce platform that improves the existing Chargeback business model that connects retailers, suppliers and AUR. This process simplifies the way retailers discover and add new products to their range and replenish stock from suppliers.

Please contact the AUR DIRECT Team for more information.

Future Operating Model

AUR DIRECT delivers additional benefits to retailers, helping to differentiate to be local, fresh and new – all automated!!

AUR DIRECT simplifies and automates the following 4 steps familiar to current Chargeback users.

Shelf scan orders for both DC and Charge Back lines